Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

faq_stickerWhat is this Campaign?
The Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District, The C-FB ISD Educational Foundation and the C-FB ISD Council PTA are joining together in a partnership for the benefit of our students and faculty/staff.

Public Education is a key ingredient in building strong communities. And schools cannot do it alone. The Foundation and PTA provide substantial support through scholarships, campus and teacher grants, family education, training, fine arts support and much, much more.

With a $50 donation to the Educational Foundation, the donor can receive a yard sign or window decal.

Campaign period is October 1 – November 22.

Campaign will close the week prior to Thanksgiving break with a “show your pride” celebration.

Our goal of 1,500 donations will make a significant and positive impact in our district.

Where do the donations go?
Donations are made to the Educational Foundation. At the end of the campaign the Educational Foundation will split the net proceeds 50/50 with the Council PTA. For all donations that have a campus/PTA designated, Council will direct that share of its proceeds to that local unit. Of course, that local unit must be in a PTA unit in good standing.

How can someone make a donation?
Donations can be made online at www.ilovecfb.org . This website has a form for detailed information, including campus designation and takes payment through Paypal or credit card. Donation forms are also available where payment can be made by check or cash.

Are the donations tax deductible?
Yes. C-FB ISD Educational Foundation is a tax exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501(C)(3). C-FB ISD Council PTA is also a tax exempt organization under the IRC. Each local unit is also tax exempt under the tax code . Donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

How and when will the donors receive their signs/decals ?
Representatives of the Educational Foundation and PTAs will personally deliver the signs to the donors address beginning in early October. Decals will be mailed to the address on the donation form or delivered about the same time. When signs are delivered, the deliverer will take a picture of the sign in the donor’s yard. We are planning’delivery Fridays’ from October through November.

Can my campus promote this campaign?
YES! And you are encouraged to do this. If you’re having a Fall carnival, Meet the teacher, Tailgate event, Alumni reunion, an I LOVE C-FB ISD sign will be a hit!

Sample signs should be at each campus with forms for donors.
For special events, call /email Lara Seebeck (phone: 972-968-6543 email seebeckl@cfbisd.edu), of the C-FB ISD Educational Foundation with the date and location of your event. Forms can be provided and a representative of the Educational Foundation or Council PTA will make every effort to be there along with a means to take credit card payments. Please provide enough notice so this can happen. The forms and donations should be carefully handled (just like any fundraiser).

Because funds are being donated to the Educational Foundation and NOT YOUR LOCAL PTA, donations must be separate (cannot be combined with a check/charge to your local PTA). The Foundation will coordinate delivery of the signs/decals.

faq_signCan I help deliver the signs?
YES! Provide your name, email, phone to Lara Seebeck of the C-FB ISD Educational Foundation (phone: 972-968-6543 email seebeckl@cfbisd.edu). Current plans are to organize deliveries to occur on Fridays during the campaign. We will cluster deliveries by neighborhoods/feeder schools so that over time, the C-FB ISD Pride will be popping up in neighborhoods across the district.
Our hope is that when neighbors see the signs they will ask “how can I get one?” This will increase the interest in your area, especially during the public phase of the campaign.

What’s Next?
In October, as the signs /decals become visible in the community, we will have a “show us your C-FB ISD Pride” – we will be asking donors to take a photo of their sign with themselves, or their pets etc and share it by uploading it to www.ilovecfb.org or emailing ilovecfb@gmail.com.
We expect to have tables at Standridge games and other district events where donors can immediately
get their sign, plant it and take a photo!

When can my local PTA expect its donation?
Shortly after Council receives its share of the campaign from the Educational Foundation, council expects to be able to transmit funds to the locals. Please be aware that Council must comply with its bylaws. Local units will therefore need to be in good standing , including retaining their tax exempt status. Assuming everything is in good order, Council can transmit funds in December to the local units.

Will the “I LOVE C-FB ISD” signs be available any other time?
The Foundation and Council will evaluate the campaign’s success and then decide the next step. Of course, we expect this innovative campaign to be highly successful and will consider how to improve it. Your input at the end of the campaign will be very important to consider. Of course, donors can keep their signs up however long they would like!

How can I publicize the campaign?
Include the website (www.ILoveCFB.org and http://www.cfbgiving.org/) and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EducationalFoundation
in your email, social media, facebook stories from time to time.
Twitter @cfbgiving and #ilovecfbisd
Campuses can showcase the campaign on their marquees and websites.